820 events and counting.... - Matt Carter
Experienced Pianist in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Hertfordshire
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820 events and counting….

820 events and counting….

It’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog. I stopped because I was never sure what to write. But I’m starting again and, in looking for writing inspiration, I worked out that I’ve so far played 820 events as a professional! That’s 820 celebrations where I’ve made a difference to a couple’s wedding day, a person’s birthday, a corporate product launch, a child’s christening. 820 times I’ve had to liaise with a bride, a groom, a wedding planner, a company secretary, venue staff, other musicians. I’ve had to plan the route and duration of 820 journeys to make sure that I always arrive in plenty of time to set up. 820 setlists that I’ve written, incorporating the musical requirements of 820 different people and their guests.

I’ve invested in some superb equipment to make sure that I look and sound the best. I ditched a set of heavy, large, unattractive speakers years ago in favour of the modern, powerful and light Bose Compact L1 amplification system. I’ve more recently invested in a beautiful baby grand piano shell as it looks so much better than a keyboard on an A-frame.

I’ve learnt something from every event at which I’ve played, which has allowed me to get better and better at what I do.

There’s a lot to be said for experience.